If you are a two-wheel rider, then here is some good news for you from Google India. As a part of Google for India event, they have launched an India-first feature for Google Maps called Two-Wheeler mode. This update will benefit a lot considering the fact that India is largest two-wheeler market in the world.

How To Use Google Maps Two-wheeler Mode
  1. Download Google Maps from Google Play store or iTunes.
  2. Under “Get Directions” menu, click the icon with Bike logo.
  3. Select your starting point and destination.
  4. Now click ‘Start’ to get directions and plan your trip.
Now Travel Using Shortcuts With Google Maps Two-wheeler Mode in India

Now let’s see what all advantages does this mode provide for the two-wheel riders in India. The two-wheeler mode will navigate you to the destination using a route with more shortcuts and fewer tolls. It also assesses the traffic and estimated time of travel based on the requirements of a two-wheel rider. The mode highlights all major landmarks while calculating the route to the destination. This helps a rider to plan his ride before starting the trip and thus saves the trouble of checking the phone every now and then. This will also come handy for bike commuters, road trippers and even cycling enthusiast.

Features Of Google Maps Two-wheeler Mode
  • Routes with more shortcuts and fewer tolls.
  • Customized traffic and arrival time estimations.
  • Highlights all major landmarks on your route.

Google has brought this feature keeping motorcycle and scooter riders in mind. They are yet to bring the bicycle view for Indian streets. If you are a commuter, use Google maps commute settings to get accurate updates. Google soft-launched the two-wheeler mode a few weeks back to beta testers and is now available for everyone. The feature is yet to improve, you can also contribute by setting the appropriate mode in Google Maps while travelling. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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