Google has  updated their Google Maps App for Android devices which now provide public transportation schedules for more than one million transit stops worldwide, in nearly 500 cities including Indian cities Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata. Google Maps now has schedules for Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation Ltd, Chennai MRTS, Delhi Metro Rail and Kolkata Metro.

Public transportation information is especially useful to find out which bus, train, subway or tram can take you to the next destination. Google with this update has made the information gathering less cluttered,  now you can select a specific mode of public transportation (train, bus, tram or subway) to display on the mobile map, hiding the other modes. The layout of station pages now offers more information by tapping on the name, it offers the departure times of transit, lines serving the station and the distance to nearby stations.

Google Maps for Android Updated - provides Public Transit Schedules of Indian Cities

In addition to this, the new maps app include updates on region highlighting, My Places and Location History. By region highlighting, users can search for a city or postal code, the borders of that region are highlighted. Its way useful as we can exactly know the city borders, also it will be useful to download offline maps of the city.

Another update included under My Places were Google have added new tabs, which will help users to access all their information from a single place, from saved maps for use offline to all  starred places and Custom Maps created on their desktop. If the users have enabled Location History, then they will be able to browse the places they have been on a daily basis with an updated Location History dashboard.

SourceGoogle Maps Apps

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