The phone may be small, cheap yet the underlying features set in it is big. We’re talking about JioPhone and all other KaiOS based devices out there. After launching Google Assistant on KaiOS back in 2017, Google is constantly adding newer tech and capabilities to the mobile operating system. This time around the search engine giant has launched camera-based translation with Google Lens support on KaiOS. Thus, the majority of KaiOS devices, mainly the JioPhone and JioPhone 2 in India would get the Lens capability.

Google Lens support in KaiOS, Jio Phone

Using Google Assistant in your KaiOS based Jio Phone, you can instantly and in real-time translate real-world text. For example, you could translate signboards, product labels, documents in different language text to your native language with ease. It could read loud the translated text or show the meaning for the text, all in your preferred language.

How to use Google Lens on Jio Phone

For JioPhone users with KaiOS and updated Google App can use the new Google Lens capabilities.

  • In your JioPhone, open Google Assistant by long-pressing the centre button from the home screen.
  • In their click, the camera icon (or simply press the right soft key once within Assistant) and point it at any real-world text (like signboards, documents, menu card or street sign).
  • Google Lens in Google Assistant would then do its magic, and in real-time you would get the translated text in your preferred language.

Google Lens in Google Assistant for KaiOS is currently available in English and a few Indian regional languages including – Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil. Google is adding more Indian regional languages like Kannada and Gujarati in the coming months.

Other than Google Lens, Google Assistant on KaiOS can do a mammoth of other tasks like to search the internet, control apps on the phone (including Jio Suite of apps), get real-time scores, navigate and more.

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