As always Google I/O brings some breaking and innovate products to the table. This time, it includes the artificial intelligence coupled Google assistant, performance and security boosted Android N, the smart messaging app Allo, Google Home and more.

So here is everything you need to know from the 2016 Google I/O keynote.

Google Assistant

A combination of Google search combined with artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It can contextually answer to your queries like when asking Google about Taj Mahal and then following up with a “take me there” query will open up the Street View without any further reference to the place itself.

Google Home

Google Home, a cylindrical device that brings the power of Google to your home with backing from its own natural language processing and Google assistant.

Google Home assistant Artificial assistant

Taking the home automation to the next level, Google Home can help you to manage everyday tasks, can control lights, alarms and nest devices, can serve music and entertainment throughout the home and most importantly use the power of Google search with knowledge graph to get answers for your queries.

Allo – the smart messaging app

Yet another messaging app from Google, but this time a smart messaging app powered by Google assistant, smart prediction, smart replies and for fun lots of stickers.

In addition, there are incognito chats where all messages are end-to-end encrypted and there will not be a chat history when you close it, just like Chrome incognito window.


A one-to-one video messaging app with an innovative feature called “KnockKnock” where you can see the real-time video before you answer a video call.

Android N

Yet to be named, Android N brings performance, stability and security with some minor UI or design changes. Available in beta version (safe to run on your main phone) for developers starting today [].

Google android N features
  • Vulcan API – taking gaming on android to the next level, the ultra-high graphics API offers enhanced graphics and performance boost.
  • JIT compiler – more optimized android app installation.
  • Multi-window – allowing you to run multiple apps in split screen.
  • Improved notification – with in-line replies directly on the notification tab.
  • Security hardening – with individual file-based encryption.
  • Automatic system updates – now security updates and OTA updates will automatically installed in the backgrounds.

Android instant apps

Now you can use an android app without even installing it. For example, if you click on a link for an app that you don’t have from Google search, it will open instantly and you can use it seamlessly without actually downloading or installing it on your device.

Daydream – VR Platform

Google has baked its Virtual Reality (VR) platform directly on Android N. It includes Daydream certified smartphone that fully support VR, headset, and controller reference design and a new VR play store.

Android Wear 2.0

Google has updated the Android Wear platform to bring app integration with watchfaces, advanced messaging with a smart reply, handwriting recognition and keyboard integration and finally standalone apps so that you can use an android watch without coupling to a phone.

Other major announcements during the Google I/O 2016
  • New York Cheesecake, nut brittle, Neyyappam, nope they are still not the name for the latest android operating system. Google want you to decide and vote for the name for the next iteration of android [link].
  • Google photos have over 200 million monthly active users with over 2 trillion labels automatically applied on it.
  • Android users have installed apps over 65 billion times.
  • Chrome browser on mobile hits 1 billion monthly active users.
  • Android Studio 2.2 – a much more optimized Android developer tool that now offers faster builds, layout designer and more.

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