An end to all rumors, Google has finally introduced YouTube Music Key – a subscription based music streaming service that features ads-free music, background play, offline viewing and much more.

In addition YouTube has also added music section under a new tab on YouTube app for Android, iOS and on YouTube website (, where you can watch or listen to your favorite music videos, get recommended music playlists based on your music taste and playlists of trending music across YouTube.

YouTube introduces Music Key - Ads Free, Offline viewing, Background play & more

Coming back to YouTube Music Key service, users subscribing to the service will get 100% ads-free music (thus getting rid of all sorts of YouTube ads), background playback on mobile apps and offline viewing that allow users to save the songs to their device. The subscription will also include a free subscription to 30+ million songs from Google Play Music service. In the coming days YouTube will be adding artist’s discography and users can play the full album with both their official music videos and high-quality songs.

Currently YouTube Music Key service is launched as beta in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland and Ireland with a promotional monthly subscription of $7.99 per month (Rs 500/month). We expect the service to launch soon in India, in the coming months.

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