Experiencing serious headache and thinking it’s a ‘migraine’? Your first stop for information related to a migraine will be Google, to find information about the symptoms and immediate remedies to try.

Next time while you searching for a health-related information Google will show all the information in the Knowledge Graph.

Google India search now offers health information cards under the Knowledge Graph with high-quality illustrations from licensed medical illustrators along with details on symptoms of the health problem, details on how common the condition is — whether it’s critical if it’s contagious, what ages it affects, and more.

Google India now shows Health information in Knowledge Graph

You’ll be able to find health information more quickly and easily with the launch of health information in the Knowledge Graph in India. Next time you ask Google about common health conditions, we’ll show you information cards with typical symptoms, as well as details on how common the condition” Google said in a statement.

Google health information card cover over 400 health conditions and have been designed specifically for the Indian audience. It covers common tropical conditions like malaria and dengue fever.

Available in English as well as regional language Hindi, users can also download the health-related information as a PDF copy to print or to share with their friends and family. There will be also a lite version of the cards if you got limited internet connection.

Google India has collaborated with Apollo Hospitals and the Columbia Asia Hospitals for the information in health card. The company also consulted with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and ASHAs community health workers for the usefulness and accessibility of the information.

The new health-related Knowledge Graph is available on desktop and mobile browser, as well as Google App on Android and iOS devices.

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