Google is eager to take all the 47 million small businesses in India go online, to tap the immense potential behind. In an effort to help SMBs in India Google has slashed the price of Google Apps for business, a secure and flexible cloud based communication and collaboration tool.

Google lends a Helping Hand for Indian SMBs - Slashes Google Apps for Business pricing by 45% at Rs150/user/month

Google dropped the pricing for Google Apps for business in India from earlier Rs 270 per user per month or Rs 2700 per user per month to a much affordable rate of Rs 150 per user per month (flexible monthly plan) or Rs 1500 per user per month (Annual Plan), a price drop of around 45%. The new pricing applies to all new and existing customers of Google Apps for Business in India.

Google also reduced the price for Google Apps for Business with Vault from earlier Rs 540/user/month to Rs 300/user/month which offers customers with additional benefits like Business-critical data archiving, Data retrieval for investigation and Company-wide data discovery and export.

India is home to around 47 million small businesses, yet only 1% — around 500,000 — are online. To make it even easier for Indian SMBs to work in the cloud, we’re now making Google Apps for Business more affordable.” said Judy Chang, Product Manager, Google Apps for Business in Official Google India blog.

Google Apps for business India Price Drop

Google Apps offers easy solutions for web mail, calendars, cloud storage, and video meetings through Google’s consumer products, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. With a 99.9% availability guarantee, zero scheduled downtime and 24/7 support, Google Apps offers businesses security and support while removing the need to manage hardware, security updates or software patches. Companies can securely access all their data and services from a mobile phone including Android, iOS, or BlackBerry platforms.

Earlier, Google dropped the Free Version of Google Apps for business which offered above world class services for free up to 10 users.

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