Ever wish to have someone on your side helping you out while cooking something experimental or helping you to learn a new language or solving a bug on your code. Google is here to bring your wish come true with the introduction of Google Helpouts – a new service that allows you to share your passion, expertise, and more through live video, right from your computer or mobile and tablet devices.

The idea behind Helpouts is that people with certain skill or expert in a particular area, share their knowledge with people who want to learn from them through live video chats using Google+ hangouts. Professionals who wish to provide a service will have to register with the Helpouts using their Google+ account, that will automatically pulls all required information, in-addition they can also specify their skills, qualification and rates for their service.

Google introduces Helpouts - Real Help from Real People in Real Time

Professionals can allow customers to schedule a session based on their availability. Since Helpouts are hosted via Hangouts video calls, they are not tied to an office and simply can connect with people around the world. All payments are made through Google Wallet and Google will take 20% cut on the payments. It will work on all major computer operating system along with all major web browsers.

The Helpouts service is still on invitation based and you can request an invitation right from going through the Google Helpouts website.

SourceGoogle Helpouts Support

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