Update – Google just announced Knowledge Graph on its official blog, which enriches the search result and help you discover new information quickly and easily. We will post a new article covering this topic widely soon.

You ever thought of getting the answers to your queries right in the search result page, other than going to different sites and collecting it. The search engine giant Google is spicing up its search page to list instant answers to users queries. Lets explain this with an example, if you type “A P J Abdul Kalam” in the Google search you will now see the biography of Abdul Kalam appearing on the right side. It contain information about the person, his activities, books written, awards received etc., and also related search option. Similarly if you search for film star “salman khan” you will see his biography with almost complete details of Salman right there, also it shows links to his recent movies search result page.

Google search instant answers to users queries
Google search instant answers to users queries on Salman Khan

It’s all happening because Google has been silently collecting information on 200 million ‘entities/queries’ – people, places, products building up their own encyclopedia and this will help users to get information about the ‘queries’ they are searching for.

According to report from DailymailIn 2010, Google acquired FreeBase, a ‘knowledge graph’ company – and has expanded its database of ‘entities’ from 12 million to 200 million today.”

Google Search Instant Answer on User search queries
Google result on Abdul Kalam and Katrina Kaif

This feature is currently only available to users who have logged-in to their Google account. So next time when you Google it check out the right hand side of the search result too, as it will be quick to grab the information you need and will save you some time.

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