Knock, knock. who’s there? the best way to be together with your far away friends and family is through video chat. But you know it’s too complicated to set up a simple video call.

Pulling out all the complications and frustrating while making a video call, Google has started rolling out Duo, a one-to-one video chat app. Announced first during the Google I/O 2016, the app is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Duo One-to-One Video Chat app starts rolling out

As simple it can get, the Duo app lets you make video calls with just a single tap. There is no separate account required as the app is based on phone numbers. You can sign up using your phone number, then pull up your phone’s contact list and start the video chat with anyone in your contact list that has Duo.

What’s make it more interesting is the ‘Knock Knock‘ feature, that lets you sneak peak with a live video of the other person before you take the video call. If you are feeling annoying? then you can turn-it-off in an instant.

The Duo app is build using QUIC protocol, that offers much better video quality. It can detect your network condition and adjust the call quality to make the video call work even on slower networks. The app can also automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data when needed, without dropping your video call.

As for security and privacy, Google has built Duo with end-to-end encryption on all video calls.

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