Its getting much more exciting, after more than 2 years of silence, Google’s own cloud storage service the Google Drive seems to be becoming a reality very soon. From couple of weeks lots of  rumors are being circulated around, its being said that Google would be launching the Cloud based storage service this April.

As a support to this rumors guys from TalkAndroid has got their hands on a screenshot of a “download page” of the new service. It has been mentioned that the service will be launching with free 5GB cloud storage, in comparison to earlier rumors saying initial launch would be with 1GB space.

Google Drive Cloud Service Coming to a Reality Soon
  • All you files everywhere – put files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop,mobile phone or tablet and
  • Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere

With Google opening up its massive storage space for the masses,we can accept a well furnished product from them. If Google Drive does launches, it’ will be great addition to its own Chrome OS and Android OS, as it would be fully integrated with the OS enhancing the user experience. Google Drive service will directly compete with current cloud services like Dropbox, BOX (currently providing 50GB free space), skydrive etc which provide cloud storage from 2GB to 50GB for free.

If you are too curious the try the subdomain ( which is currently active but it throws up a 404 error as of now. Do also leave a comment about your expectation about the new service from Google.

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