Google Chrome browser is spreading like wildfire, taking over the buggy Internet Explorer and old favorites Firefox and Opera. Chrome has become the world’s top browser taking over Internet explorer a couple of month ago only. Now Chrome has crossed another milestone, according to latest StatCounter Chrome now got a global market share of 33.81 percent. That means Chrome browser being used among 1 in every 3 internet user.

Google Chrome has now top’s the browser market with 33.81 percent share, followed closely by Internet Explorer with 32.04 percent. Mozilla Firefox has seen its market share dipping down with 23.73 percent. Apple’s Safari browser logged in as fourth with a 7.2 percent market share. Opera market share being steady all time with 1.72 percent.

Google Chrome now rules 1 in 3 Browsers Worldwide

Google Chrome was having only 22.1 percent global market share one year before (July 2011), with its simplicity and incredibly fast performance Chrome now hold 33.81 percent market share after one year (July 2012). Chrome is the most used browser in Asia (especially in India) and Europe, lags by a small percent to Internet explorer in US and Australia market. Which we think Google Chrome will take over within couple of months.

StatCounter is a web traffic analysis tool which also used as a standard to records all kinds browser activity. The Stats provided by them is not fully accurate, but we can get a general trend of browser usage.

Which is your favorite browser? Do you still use Internet Explorer? Let us know.

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