Google Chrome becomes the most popular browser in India

Indian’s are always tech savvy and loves to adopt the latest technology within a short span of time. That’s has happened with the usage of web browsers, Google Chrome has now become the top and most popular browser in India within a period of 2 year, overtaking the old buggy Internet Explorer and the famous Firefox.

Before 2 years Internet Explorer was ruling the browser space with more than 60% usage and Mozilla Firefox just behind with 30% usage only. After the launch of Chrome the growth was incredible, it’s just climbing the steps fastly form 15% in late 2009 to the situation now overtaking the Internet Explorer and Firefox to become the top browser in India. Google Chrome and Firefox have gained the most in this years while Internet Explorer seems to falling deep, according the report provided by StatCounter. Google Chrome has been adding a chunk of new users every month since it launched and its growth hasn’t slowed down.

Google Chrome tops the browser popularity in India
Statcounter report showing the browser popularity in India

Ever wonder the reason for the mass popularity of Chrome –

  • Incredible speed advantage that Chrome has over Firefox and IE – how many tabs you open or sites you browse its handles the request without any performance reduction.
  • Chrome extensions and applications – like Firefox, chrome provide lots of extensions and applications which enhance the usability of the browser. IE never provided it rightly.
  • Indian internet users demographically very young, tech savvy and love to adopt the changing technology.
  • Mass advertising from Google in promoting Chrome among Indian users. You can see the ads of Google chrome on leading Indian newspaper’s.
Google Chrome Advertisement on Indian News Papers
Google Chrome Advertisement on Indian News Papers

What you like about Google chrome? Do share your experience using the chrome browser.

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