Google seems to have ported their popular Chrome App Launcher from Chrome OS for Windows users, enabling quick access to all those apps you have installed on your Chrome browser along with Google services. Available with latest Chrome browser stable build for Windows, Chrome App Launcher essentially an instant access window for all your Chrome apps and Extensions. Google Chrome team also seems to be working to port the App launcher to OS X and Linux-based Chrome browser.

Chrome App Launcher is essentially a central hub of all your installed Chrome apps arranged in a nice horizontal grid, where you have instant access to all the apps and extensions. To enable this feature Windows users need to go Chrome App Launcher page and click on the enable button. Once enabled a new brightly colored icon shows up on your start page, taskbar and desktop.

Google brings Chrome App Launcher for Windows users

Originally built for Chrome OS, App Launcher was intended to provide functionality found in a taskbar or dock of a traditional operating system like Windows, Linux and OS X. Using the App launcher you have the option to add more apps to the list by simply installing from Chrome Web Store, removing any app, organize the apps according to your usage and easily finding an app from the whole installed apps list using the search box provided.

Once you have sign in to Chrome using your Google account, you can Sync apps and other settings across computers without ever losing any of your customization.

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