As only a few weeks remaining for the Lok Sabha Election, we are striving on the net to find more information on various party’s campaign news, our political leaders and even looking for our polling dates. Assisting to our needs Google India has full revamped its Indian elections portal ( that was being launched during the last years (2013) state election.

The face lifted Indian election portal now host the ‘Pledge to Vote’ campaign website along with an interesting Google score tool for politicians, Search trends with infographics and YouTube Elections hub where one can watch live Hangouts with popular politicians. The portal will also provide voters access to every buzz related to elections and politics.

Pledge to Vote – an initiative from Google India that remembers us about our right to vote. The interactive map tool allow users to ‘pledge to vote’ and share with their friends on social networks, while one can also view their fellow citizens across the nation pledge to vote.

Google Score tool – another interesting tool from Google that displays the search trends of Politicians in the last 24 hours using Google Search and YouTube, combined with the amount of engagement with a politician’s name on Google+. While we where writing BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi tops the chart most of the time followed by APP’s Aravind Kejriwal and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Powered by Google Trends, there are also some infographics which offers valuable informations like top-searched Chief Ministers, regional parties, important issues on people’s mind etc.

Google revamps its Bilingual Elections Portal - adds Political Trends

YouTube Elections hub – where Google shares live hangout sessions with popular Indian politicians. One can also ask direct questions with the politicians on the Hangout.  Upcoming live Google+ Hangout session includes Shivraj Singh Chouhan (on 29th March, 2014), Ajay Maken (on 30th March, 2014), Anna Hazare (7th April 2014) and other Indian politicians.

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