The exclusivity that packed with the Google Pixel smartphones (and to an extend Google Home, Google Allo and Android Wear 2.0) is shredding. The conversational, personal and artificial intelligence powered Google Assistant is coming to your android device.

The Google Assistant will be available to your smartphone if it’s running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above with Google Play Services. This would make the personal assistant spreading to more than 30 percent of all android device in the world.

Google Assistant spreads to Devices running Android 6.0 and above

What can you do with Google Assistant?

Well, you can start by saying ‘Ok Google’ or long-press on the Home button. Ask anything from the weather outside, your train status, find the translation in over 100 languages, direction to a place and more.

  • Ask anything – it’s like a Google search with voice, but intelligent to understand the context of the question.
  • Get task done – From setting alarm or reminders, Google Assistant can do various tasks. Like it can book Uber or OLA cabs for you, make a reservation at hotels, send message etc.
  • Connected devices – If you live in a smart home, then Google Assistant can be used to control certain devices. Like turning on or off the living room lights, locking the doors when you are out etc.

Google Assistant will start rolling to Android devices running Marshmallow and Nougat for English users in the US. It will be followed by the rollout to English users in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Also, German speakers in Germany will have the taste of Google Assistant.

If you are in India make sure you set the preferred language under Google settings to either US English or UK English. The first smartphone other than Pixel or Pixel XL running the Google Assistant would be the newly launched LG G6.

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