Got into a prank, hoaxe, joke, laughs, its 1st April, the Fool’s day. Today everyone trying to make every other a fool, obviously you always go into the trap and become a fool. Now getting back from normal life to the web world everyone is looking out to fool you. So let’s see some of the best April Fool comedies around the web today, specially from Google. (we will updating this post with more stories soon)

New ! Browse the web with twice the mice. Try Chrome Multitask Mode

The classic one from the Chrome team. When you just connect to internet and open up the chrome browser (you are not yet got into a website, mind it!) a small line of text saying “New ! Browse the web with twice the mice. Try Chrome Multitask Mode” will greet you. You don’t think a moment, will surely click on it and this will take you to a website explaining about the new way to multitask.

Google Chrome April Fool Trick
Google Chrome April Fool Trick – First Message

Chrome Multitask Mode lets you browse the web with multiple cursors at the same time, so you can get more done, faster. Welcome to the ambinavigation revolution, that’s right the great fool’s revolution. Then just watch this video and you are fallen into this years first April fool trap.

Gmail Tap

Ok, now once fooled, we will head over to Gmail to read our mails. On opening Gmail you will see a message box on side saying “Gmail Tap for Android and iOS“, Tap into the future of productivity. Double your typing speed with this revolutionary new keyboard.

Gmail Tap April Fool message
Gmail Tap April Fool message

On clicking on learn more you will be taken to a dedicated page telling about this new service and also an app to download for your Android or iOS. Want to know some cool features of it, here it is –

  • Two keys: dot and dash
  • Space bar: added to increase typing speeds
  • Multi-email mode: dual threaded keyboard (Warning: power users only)
  • Predictive text mode: autocomplete re-imagined
  • Optional audio feedback: engage all your senses

Also more enhanced features to come like Ship to shore mode, Table tap and Double-black diamond mode. Watch out the video for more.

Google Voice For Pets

Introducing the all new Google Voice for Pets. The secret to the service is the special Voice Communication Collars for your dog. Its being rolled out for your for Pets in a limited beta, so don’t forgot to signup for the service. Head over here to learn more.

Google Voice for Pets - April Fool
Google Voice for Pets – Live Chat Screen (click to enlarge)

Google Map on 8-bit

Now if you head over to Google maps then you may see something cool, Google has just upgraded their maps to 8-bit. That’s right the old 8-bit color resolution you would love. If you didn’t fall into this trap here how to get into it, Use Google Maps as you normally to search for landmarks, then click on the “Quest” picture icon in the right hand side of the screen to view the map as 8-bit colored pixels or just click here.

Google Maps in 8bit Colors - April Fool
Google Maps in 8bit Colors – Bangalore View

Watch out the Video too –

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