Update – Google Android Device Manager website now live in India – you can now see the exact location for your Android device and do other tasks.

Have you lost your Android smartphone or tablet, or forgot it somewhere in your home and couldn’t find it? no more worries, Google is stepping into this area to help you out with the Android Device Manager. The new service will let you track your lost Android device and along with it, help you to keep the data safe and secure.

With this service you can track your lost Android device using a web interface or using an Android app, that will be launched soon. Android Device Manager is part of the Google Play services and compatible with Android 2.2 or any higher version. You need to be signed into your Google Account to use this service, which probably you will be signed in.

Google unveils Android Device Manager to Track your lost Android Device

Android Device Manager will provide a web interface with Google Maps layout to track the exact location of your lost Android device. If the device was stolen you can keep track of it movement and act accordingly. If it was lost in your home then Android Device Manager lets you quickly ring your device at maximum volume so you can find it, even if it’s been silenced. Another feature of Android Device Manager is to protect the personal data on your Android device by securely erasing all of the data on your device, keeping is put of wrong hands if you fail to recover the stolen mobile.

Till now we where using third-party apps like Avast Anti theft, Android Lost, Phone Locator, Wheres My Droid and other, but now a product from Google will surely help to bring in more trust and better control over your device. Google will be officially launching the service later this month, so stay tuned.

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