Rejoice webmaster and site owners analysing site traffic has never been easier, Google has officially launched the Google Analytics App for Android phones. With Google Analytics app users can have real-time statistics, customizable dashboards and intelligence events on your mobile. Users can access the same accounts and profiles they see when they open Analytics from a desktop browser, but they will see reports that are optimized for their phone.

Google Analytics get an Official App For Android

The app has got fours tabs which users can swipe around, this four tabs include reports to see the essential data about user websites –

  • Real-Time Report: It shows the number of visitors you currently have on your website and a list of the pages (for websites) or screens (for apps) that are currently popular.
  • Dashboard: Monitor the KPIs and user metrics you care about the most. By default, you’ll see your Daily Unique Visitors and your Goal Conversion Rate, but you have the option to customize the dashboard to change which reports, metrics, or segments you see.
  • Automatic and Customized Alerts: Google Analytics detects statistical anomalies in your data and can send you an alert as email and notification when something unusual happens. See either automatic alerts, or customize your settings to send alerts based on your own benchmarks.
Google Analytics get an Official App For Android, Comes With Real-Time Support

So get hands on the world’s best Analytics tool, download and install the app from Google Play to keep up with your data anytime, anywhere.

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