Allo, the smart messaging app from Google makes it way to your computer with its web user interface. Now you can chat with friends or even Google assistant from your desktop using Allo for web UI. A hint for this web version was given by Google VP of Communications Products, Nick Fox in one of his tweets on Feb 23rd, 2017. Here is how to bring Allo to your desktop.

How To Setup Allo For The Web

To begin with, you’ll need an android phone and a computer. Currently, Allo web pairing only works for an Android phone, iOS users have to wait.

  • Install the latest Allo app and register.
  • Open your Chrome web browser and visit Allo for web.
  • Open Allo on phone and select ‘Allo for web’ from the menu.
  • Scan the QR code to pair with the browser and start chatting.
  • You can sign out from web UI either from desktop or app.
Allo For Web Is Here - Now Say Allo From Computer

Allo for web not only brings the chat feature but also your favourite Google Assistant to the desktop. The Allo’s web user interface can play message sounds, give push notifications and show preview of the message. You can change these settings, start a new chat, and sign out of the computer session from the chat interface. However, Allo still lacks features like editing chat participants, backing up chat, switching to Duo for video or audio calls etc. This web UI has striking similarities with Whatsapp web UI.

These web UI’s have the disadvantage that if we forget to end the session, especially from a non-personal computer, others can intervene and spoil the privacy. So it is always better to double check signed in computers from the app menu if you aren’t going to use the web UI frequently. Another minor setback is that both your PC and mobile need to be connected to the internet for uninterrupted web UI chat session. Even though Allo is smarter, people still prefer other chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc. Maybe they are expecting bigger from Google, or Allo isn’t smart enough to impress them until then Allo is an unwelcome guest. Meanwhile, in another update, Google now lets you talk more to your phone and type less. Hope you enjoyed the write-up, Peace!

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