Google+ team is adding interesting features each day and integration to other Google products. Google+ now add some really cool feature, one of the feature includes Meme Generator, which allows users to add text within the image.

Google plus Adds Meme Generator

How would you add Text in Images

  • First upload an image and after the upload, you will see a new option to add text.
  • Clicking on the add text, will brings up a interface where you can write texts to top, middle and bottom of the image. You also have the option to choose the font and the text alignment.
  • That’s it save it and share the cool image with your friends.

This one is a great addition, as it will bring lots of creative and fun filled images on Google+.

Another feature introduced by Google+ is the auto complete Hashtag (#), now when entering hashtags with keywords, Google+ will auto complete and suggests recommendations for you. It similar to how Google’s autocomplete feature works in normal search page.

Google plus Auto complete Hashtags

The auto complete hashtag features is really a time saver for frequent Google+ users. Google is really pushing its social networking initiative Google+ with cool new features everyday which making more engaging among users.

Do you love it? Do comment your views on it.

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