Google Gmail new people widget

In the last week of May, Google announced it was rolling out the a People Widget on all Gmail accounts, but most of the users didn’t see it as it was only made available for a very small number of users. Now it seems after a month Google has decided to fully roll out this new innovative social feature to everyone, i’m ( you would also) now have the people widget on  Gmail.

Google Gmail People Widget
Google Gmail People Widget on my Inbox

So, now you will be doubting where is it in your email or what’s the need or use of this widget

  • People widget will be located on the right hand side of your Email messages. ( for easy access and use )
  • The small sidebar widget to the right of email messages will features contextual information about the people you’re interacting with in Gmail.
  • The widget includes each person’s Email ID, contact details, recent email exchanges you’ve had with them, photos, calendar availability, shared Google Docs and even social networking activities like Buzz status (hopefully Twitter integration is coming as well) , etc…
  • On clicking on these contacts, we can view the sender activity over the last couple of days ( like the mail’s, docs files, chats we have exchanged).
  • We can use it start a Email conversation , Chat ( text, audio video chat )
Gmail new People Widget Full list
Gmail new People Widget Full list

Personally i think its a great innovative feature by Google. It can help you to organize yourself, get an insight of  recent conversation with them, chats you have made and lots more. It will definitely improve the productivity of everyone. Also it seems this step by Google is to make things more social and its more focused on interactivity with each other. After Facebook dominance in social world ,Google definitely required a push which this people widget will provide.

Got the new People Widget on your Gmail account? Do drop in your comments and view about it.

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