George Hotz a.k.a GeoHot

George Hotz more commonly referred in the media as “Geohot” is an American hacker and Rapper known for unlocking the iPhone, allowing the phone to be used with other wireless carriers, contrary to AT&T and Apple’s intent. He is also noted for hacking the PlayStation 3 and subsequently being sued by Sony.

The Case & The Settlement

In early 2010, Hotz was able to hack the Sony PlayStation 3 and posted his exploits on his blog online. Sony decided to take legal action against him with charges saying that he infringed areas of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) as well as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Geohot argued that he could do whatever he wanted to the PS3 that he had bought because it was his. Sony disagreed, saying that he (and all the other PS3 owners) did not “have an ownership right in the software that Sony Computer allows you to use.”
GeoHot and Sony eventually settled the lawsuit on March 31, 2011. The settlement indicated that GeoHot would have to pay $10,000 per violation of the terms which included not performing any “unauthorized access” on any Sony machines.

The Response: Sony Boycott

Several people called on gamers and consumers to stop buying Sony products because of the whole GeoHot issue. GeoHot himself announced on his blog that he was taking part in the boycott.

“As of 4/11/11, I am joining the SONY boycott,” he wrote on his blog. “I will never purchase another SONY product.
“I encourage you to do the same. And if you bought something SONY recently, return it.”

A group of hackers called Anonymous attacked Sony’s websites and Sony responded by saying that the group’s attacks only annoyed their network engineers and were only medium-strength.

Anonymous may be happy that Sony and Geohot managed to reach a settlement, but they are not completely satisfied. Anonymous’ actions will continue until they receive their desired outcome.

The real war is yet to come….and don’t think GeoHot is gonna keep a low profile after this settlement..visit his blog Link

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