Now never get bored waiting for your next train. Indian Ministry of Railways has launched free Wi-Fi internet facility at 28 railway stations of Konkan Railway in Maharashtra. If you are a regular traveller through this route, then you can enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi internet access 24×7.

The free Wi-Fi service is part of India Government Digital India initiative. For the service, Indian Railways has partnered with internet service providers Syscon and Joister. Both ISP providers will provision 2 Mbps peer to peer 24 hours free Wi-Fi internet at 28 stations from Kolad to Madure. The service is provided under the Joispot brand and through Joispot mobile application.

Free Wi-Fi facility at 28 Stations of Konkan Railway

You can seamlessly connection to the free Wi-Fi connection via Joispot Wi-Fi mobile application. The mobile is available for both Android [] and iOS [] devices. Once connected to free Wi-Fi network via the app you will get up to 2 mbps high-speed wireless internet with unlimited uploads. The free Wi-Fi network can provide access to about 300 concurrent users at bigger stations. Whereas it can provide access to about 100 users at smaller stations.

Free Wi-Fi at Konkan Railway

  • Free Wi-Fi facility at 28 Stations of Konkan Railway.
  • Unlimited internet usage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Unlimited download and unlimited uploads.
  • You can get speed up to 2 mbps.

The 28 railway stations of Konkan Railway where you can access the free Wi-Fi include Kolad, Mangaon, Veer, Karanjadi, Vinhere, Diwankhavati, Khed, Anjani, Chiplun, Kamthe, Sawarda, Aravali Road, Sangameshwar, Ukshi, Bhoke, Ratnagiri, Nivasar, Adavali, Vilavade, Rajapur Road, Vaibhavwadi Road, Nandgaon Road, Kankavali, Sindhudurg, Kudal, Zarap, Sawantwadi Road and Madure.

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