After announcing its venture into the smartphone market with the launch of Billion Capture+, India’s top e-commerce marketplace Flipkart is slowing expanding its own electronics brand ‘Billion’ to other smartphone accessories. The company has now launched Billion Power Banks to compliments its smartphones.

Flipkart’s Billion Power Banks comes in two capacity 10000 mAh (Billion PB130 RapidCharge) and 15000 mAh (Billion PB132 HiEnergy). These power banks are Made in India and according to the company Made for India. Both these power banks support multi-device fast charging, have an A+ grade high-density lithium-ion battery and lightweight compact design.

Before digging deep into the specification, the Billion Power Banks are priced affordably by Flipkart. You can buy the Billion PB130 RapidCharge 10000 mAh Power Bank for Rs 799. Whereas the higher-capacity model Billion PB132 HiEnergy 15000 mAh will retail for Rs 999. However, from time-to-time, you will find price discount on these power banks from the retailer.

Billion Power Banks Specification and Features

Billion Power Banks has a premium lightweight design that’s also portable to easily carry around. Both these power banks pack A+ grade, high-energy density Li-ion batteries that have up to 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Flipkart launches Billion PowerBanks, Fast Charging capability & up to 3 USB Ports

The 10000 mAh Billion power bank comes with 3 USB ports, whereas the 15000 mAh Billion power has two USB ports. What makes these power banks more attractive is that these USB ports supports 5V/2.1A fast charging. One feature you could find only in some of the pricey power banks. With this Fast Charging ports, you can charge your devices twice as fast as regular 5V/1A power banks. They also support multi-device charging which can effectively charge your smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and even smartwatches.

With a capacity of 15000 mAh, the Billion power bank can fully charge a Redmi 5A up to 3.6 times or a Samsung S8+ for 3.1 times before it runs out of charge. Similarly, the 10000 mAh Billion power bank can fully charge your Redmi 5A up to 2.4 times or a Motorola Z Play up to 2.1 times. According to the company, if you keep the power bank idle for a month, it only loses less than three to four percent charge.

Coming to safety, Billion Power Banks comes with a 7-way protection. This includes temperature protection which protects the power bank from overheating while charging your devices. Short circuit and overcurrent protection, which cuts off charging or discharging to protect your device. Over-voltage and under-voltage protection while discharging and also during charging the power bank, which is almost perfect for Indian homes where voltage fluctuations is a regular thing.

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