Flipboard Comes to Android 'Unofficially'

Yes you have heard that right, Flipboard the popular magazine style app comes to Android platform unofficially. Earlier this week the app made an entry to Android platform exclusively through the Samsung Galaxy S III. From that time the whole Android lovers where waiting for the official release of the app for their smartphone. However, it’s now available to everyone unofficially. Valcho an XDA forum member just leaked the full 2.32MB apk file of Flipboard on this thread and seems to work on all Android devices. Don’t just wait go and grab the app now.

Valcho commented on the thread about the leaking “It’s simple, I just had a Galaxy S III lying around and I extracted the .apk using AirDroid. So, there you go

Now just for those users, who don’t have a clue about Flipboard. Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine styled application for iOS devices and now for Android too. It collects the articles and content of social media and other websites and presents it as a awesome magazine format which allows users to “flip” through this contents and also feeds from websites that have partnered with the company. The app was originally launched for iPad in late 2010 and came to the iPhone in December last year. This app is similar to other popular magazine and article gathering apps like Google Currents, Zite etc.

I personally tried it on my Samsung Galaxy SII and it worked smoothly. I was able to successfully make account on Flipboard and also able to connect to my social networking sites. So now i got some competition among Flipboard and Google currents. Here’s my first hand preview of the app –

We accept because of this leak Flipboard may launch the app officially on Google play really soon. Have you downloaded and used the Flipboard for Android app yet?

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