Just after the latest release of Mozilla firefox 4, Mozilla has published a list of  Firefox add-ons that slows down the  performance of the browser. Add-ons provide many useful features and functions, but they can also cause Firefox to become slower. Some add-ons can even slow Firefox to a crawl and make it difficult to use for regular web browsing.  Here is the list of current slow performing addons. The list is a result of a recent initiative by Mozilla to put a stop to performance-slowing add-ons.

The slowest add-ons on the list includes FoxLingo – Translator/Dictionary and Firebug ( one of the best addon for every web developer ), slow down Firefox’s startup by a whopping 74%. So check here for the list of slow performing addons.

  • Mozilla will perform automated performance tests of the top 100 add-ons hosted in its add-on gallery every week
  • then display warnings for add-ons that slow Firefox’s startup time by 25% or more, and top 10 will go to the list of ” hall of shame “

This move by mozilla has made most of the fans happy, as they have a clear view of which addons are slowing there browsing experience, but on the other hand it had made negative effect for some addon developers, as unfairly they are being shamed like this in public.

Anyway in my opinion its a good move by mozilla for its users, as of now the developers will be more cautious when developing a addon and will look into the performance change to bring to the browser.

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Link – Firefox Lists Slow Performing Addons

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