For those who want to be extra secretive while browsing online and value privacy more than anything, you can try out the new android web browser from Mozilla. Introducing Firefox Focus, a private mobile web browser that keeps your personal data safe, blocks ad trackers and completely erase your browsing history and cookies with a click of a button.

Firefox Focus offers a different approach to privacy protection. Unlike the traditional mobile browsers, it doesn’t have tabs, add-ons or extensions and accounts syncing. Once you power up the browser, just enter the website address and you’re simply taken there. By default, Firefox Focus blocks all ad trackers, analytic trackers and social trackers. So, most of the website loads insanely fast without those ads and tracking scripts. However, you can disable the blocking right from the menu, if you find issue loading a website.

Firefox Focus comes to Android for those who value Privacy

Once you are over with browsing, you can click on the trash icon at bottom right corner. This will erase your browsing history cleaning up the passwords, cookies and trackers. Another interesting feature is the stealth mode, which doesn’t even allow you to take a screenshot of the browser screen. Other than that you won’t find the bell and whistle of a normal browser. It’s made especially for those, who need a quick visit to URLs without exposing their personal data or being getting tracked.

Firefox Focus mobile browser Features

  • Blocks ad trackers, analytic trackers and social trackers by default.
  • Can easily erase your browsing history, password and cookies in a click.
  • Doesn’t even allow you to take a screenshot of the browser screen with stealth mode.
  • Only 4MB download size.

Firefox Focus is available at Google Play store for devices running android 5.0 and up. The mobile web browser has already debuted for Apple iOS device back in the year 2016.

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