Amazon India has release a Google Chrome browser extension called, ‘Find it on Junglee’ a quick and simple way of searching for, and discovering your favorite products on As you may have read our previous article on the launch of Junglee in India, Junglee is a online product comparison and advertising site offered by Amazon which enables customers to find and discover products from online and offline retailers in India and from

Junglee currently not a direct product selling site, but list the products from other online and offline shopping sites. Users can do a product price comparison and find the best place with lowest price to buy the product.

Find it on Junglee Chrome Extension - Easy way to Compare Products

To use the Chrome browser extension, first you need to download Junglee chrome extension from official Chrome store here. After installation you will see a J Icon on the bookmark bar.

For Product price comparison or to search anything on you can

Junglee icon from Chrome bookmark bar for Quick product search
  • Click on the Junglee icon from Chrome bookmark bar (on top right corner)
  • Type in the product title you’re looking for in the search bar
  • Suggestions for your search terms will be provided instantly from which you can choose the desired product.
  • Hit ‘enter’ or click on the search button to find what you’re looking for on

or you have another simple way to do

Junglee Chrome Extension  product search through highlight the text on webpage
  • From any web-page you currently on, highlight the text you want to search
  • Right click on the highlighted text
  • Click on ‘Find it on Junglee”

If you are a regular online shopper, then this extension would be really useful to you. It can help you to find the best prices for the product you are searching. It’s a time-saving extension and helps in saving money too.

Have you tried this extension, Do comment your experience using this.

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