With government demonetization, the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes, the country has gone chaos. People are rushing to banks to exchange or deposit their old currency note. But don’t forget, you got enough time until 30th December 2016 to do this.

Still, you may need some liquid cash on hand for day-to-day activities and for that you need to line up outside of ATMs to withdraw money. If you are travelling to a new place, finding an ATM is the hardest thing to do. Google India has now come to your rescue, by adding an ATM locator feature on its main home page.

Google has added a “Find an ATM near youlink on its homepage, clicking on it will list out all the ATMs near your current location. The page is actually part of Google Maps, which shows all the ATMs near your current location. Clicking on any of the ATM names will bring up the option to get direction to the ATM. The feature is available on both desktop and mobile home pages of Google India. The accuracy of location will increase when searching on mobile, as it will use GPS to get the exact coordinated.

Now find ATMs near you, right on Google India search

Do note that Google does not show whether the ATMs has cash in it or not. For that, you may try other online tools. One of the trusted sources is CMS ATM Finder [link] from India’s largest Cash Management and Payment Solutions firm. Using CMS ATM Finder you can easily find those ATMs in your city which has cash loaded in it. Also, there is a link to Google Maps from where you can get the direction to the ATM location.

Another online website that helps you to find ATMs with cash availability is CashNoCash [link] from Quikr and Nasscom. It’s a crowdsourced tool, where you can also take part by reporting the current status of the ATMs like cash availability and waiting time.

Don’t forget, you can also go cashless with Paytm. The company recently launched ‘Nearby’ feature where you can find stores and merchants accepting Paytm wallet cash near your location.

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