Worried or doubt if your internet service provider (ISP) is limiting the downloading speed while browsing popular data-heavy websites like Netflix, YouTube, Saavn and more. In its aim to offer users a reliable destination to check their ISP’s internet downloading speed, Netflix has launched a new internet speed testing website called Fast [link].

Fast offers a simple way to find the current download speed of your internet connection in real-time and works globally on any device including phone, desktop, laptop, gaming consoles and smart TVs with a browser. The service can perform the speed test on both wired broadband connection and wireless mobile internet connection.

How Fast is your Netflix video streaming, find with Fast.com

Once you open the Fast website, the service instantly performs a series of downloads from Netflix’s own servers located around the globe to calculate the download speed provided by your ISP. The results are displayed in big bold text and also has a link to speedtest.net to compare the speed on both platforms.

One important aspect of Fast is that it only checks the download speed as its the most relevant factor for users who consume lots of media content on the Internet. It does not track ping, latency, jitter and other things associated with users internet connection.

Also, the whole service is commercial-free, so you won’t see any sort of ads on the website, when compared to the ads crowded speediest.net service.

Earlier Netflix launched its streaming video on demand service in India with subscription plans starting from Rs 500 per month. All plans come with unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows and can be watched on any device including laptop, TV, smartphones and tablet.

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