You may have already read the circular regarding the implementation of 13-digit numbering scheme for mobile connections in social media. If you think that this will affect your regular mobile phone connection, well then you’ve read it all wrong. So where exactly is DoT implementing the 13 Digit Mobile Numbering Scheme, let’s find out.

Message From BSNL

The aforementioned circular was actually a message from ‘BSNL GSM Network Planning Cell’ to ‘M/s ZTE Telecom and M/s Nokia Solutions & Networks‘. The message said that DoT has decided to implement 13-digit numbering scheme for M2M communications.

It also mentioned that the planned date for this implementation is 1st July 2018. Therefore all TSP’s (Telecom Service Provider) must ensure that their network elements including IT and other relevant systems are aligned with 13-digit numbering for M2M SIM’s.

Thirteen digit M2M Mobile Number India M2M

The new 13-digit number system will also be ready for LI(Lawful Interception) before the planned date. Moreover, all the existing 10-digit M2M numbers will also be migrated to 13 digits starting 1st October 2018. DoT(Department of Telecommunication) intends to complete the entire implementation and migration process by 31st December 2018.

P2M vs M2M VS P2P

These are the acronyms for Person to Machine (P2M), Machine to Machine (M2M), and Person to Person (P2P) network technologies. These allow communication between a person and machine, between two machines, and between a person and machine. Among these, we use P2P for our mobile phone cellular network to communicate with other people.

The M2M helps devices and sensors (within the IoT) to communicate with each other – and with other Internet-enabled devices and systems. We can also use the same classic SIM within the IoT devices to enable M2M communication. However, an M2M device prefers an M2M SIM which has more capabilities and also can last longer.


So that was all about the message that spread via social platforms especially WhatsApp. But the whole thing was interpreted differently and the wrong message was translated even to regional languages and is still circulating. To say, a 10-digit mobile number system in P2P mobile phone network is enough for another 5-10 years approx. But when we make the shift to an 11-digit mobile number system in P2P, it will last for over 40 years approx. Hope the article cleared the air for you, Peace!

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