Facebook is introducing a new platform for its users to stream video shows, the Watch. During the past few months, they were researching on user’s video viewing experience and even released a video tab for limited users. They finally came up with this unique idea, a platform for videos on Facebook.  Let’s find out what this new platform is and explore its features.

Watch is a unique platform to view Facebook shows on mobile, PC, and smart TVs, with their app. Now, you may be wondering what these shows are, let’s see. These shows can be anything from episodic series to reality shows, to live sports and more. Facebook has already funded for a few such shows, for example, Returning the Favor by Mike Rowe where he introduces the world, regular people who do something decent. Watch also has an inbuilt feature, the ‘Watchlist‘, so that you never miss out an episode. You can search for shows in ‘Discover‘, where you can also find grouped sections. These topics viz Most Talked About, What’s Making People Laugh, What Friends Are Watching, gets auto populated based on trends.

Facebook Introduces Watch - A Video Platform For Shows

Watch isn’t just a platform for viewers, it also helps creators and publishers earn money. Creators of the shows can also develop a good fan base from Facebook communities and groups. Creators can also make Show Pages, which helps people to understand what a show is all about, watch episodes and other related videos, and connect with communities that have formed around a show. They can also monetize the contents with Ad Breaks but is still in test phase. Besides, creators can make sponsored shows using Facebook’s branded content tag. Some of the shows which Facebook thinks might be successfull includes motivational speeches, kids kitchen shows, and live game broadcasts. If you’re interested in creating shows for Facebook, contact [link].

Features of Facebook Watch

  • Viewers can stream live and recorded shows.
  • Discover what others are interested in.
  • Follow and stay updated with Watchlist.
  • Creators and publishers can earn money.

So with the launch of Watch, Facebook might be trying to put a challenge to other competitors in video streaming market. We can also expect paid and downloadable contents soon. But for the moment, Facebook will be introducing Watch to a limited group of people in the U.S. and plans to roll out globally to more people. Similarly, the Show creation will also be available to a limited group of creators. Facebook team is really excited about how the creators and viewers will be utilizing the features. Hope you enjoyed the article, Peace!

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