It look’s like Facebook is revamping itself in every aspect of User Interface (UI), after the recent redesign of User News Feed, Facebook has now build a new Post Share windows adding extra UI options to it.

Facebook testing out new Post Sharing Option Window in News Feed

While sharing a text, photo or link from your News Feed, you are given with a five new options (buttons) to share –

  • In a private Message – allow you to send the post directly as a message to your friend’s
  • On your own timeline – Share them on your timeline
  • On a friend’s timeline – You have an option to Share the post on any of your friend’s timeline
  • On your page – If you manage Facebook Page’s, then you can Share the post to one of your Page’s timeline
  • In a group – You an Share the post with any group you are member of both public and private.

With this added extra features, user can easily share post among their friends, pages, group and even private message. It seems the new share option is available to a limited number of users and excepted to be rolled out with the new New Feed design in the coming weeks.

For clarification here is the old default Share Option that currently you will see while sharing a Post from your News Feed –

Facebook Old News Feed Share Option
Facebook Old News Feed Share Option

Have you received the new Share Option, do tell us what do you feel about it.

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