A  new  “clickjacking” spam is spreading on Facebook. Don’t open or click on the link associated with it, else it will be posted to all your friends wall thereby spreading a malicious java script code.

WTF I can’t believe (username) you’re in this vid

This new scam message appears in your wall with any of the following quotes and a deceiving video link.

“WTF I can’t believe you’re in this vid” or
“ROFL i cant believe youre tagged in this video”
why are you in this video?
You look so stupid in this video

If you click on this link you will be taken to following page

Here you will see the instruction…When you’ll click on the button to play the video the javascript code will be copied and after that if you follow those instructions that means you are pasting the malicious java script code in your address bar.

How to get rid of this spam
If you are already hit by this scam

  • You can click the x mark beside your post to report it as spam, remove the application or revoke publishing rights.
  • Go to the the Privacy Settings page
    Click on ‘Edit Your Settings’ under Apps and Websites.
    In the ‘Apps You Use’ section, locate the application
    Click on ‘Edit Settings’ and remove all unwanted and malicious facebook apps.
  • Finally change your facebook password.

If you want to help prevent the spread of this spam, make sure your friends know about it. Notify your friends via wall posts, chat or direct messages, if you find any.

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