There are many situation on Facebook, where you are looking for a way to edit your comments posted and surprisingly finding no way to do that without deleting the entire comment and writing it again. It’s just frustration for the users, as some comment may cause him/her friendship. Putting this to a stop, Facebook now rolling out a new feature to edit comments users have posted, a much wanted feature for the 900million people on the social network.

Facebook new feature Now let's you Edit Comments

Users can now see an edit option appears in the form of a small pencil icon on the right side of their comment. Clicking on it will bring the option to edit the comment or entirely delete the comment if they want. Facebook will also show an editing history for the comments, so subsequent commenter’s or liker’s have the full context of the conversation.

So how to edit comment

  • Hover over the comment and click
  • Click Edit…
  • Edit your comment
  • Press enter or return to post your updated comment, or the esc to cancel

How do you find this new feature from Facebook to edit comment useful? Do comments your view.

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