Facebook has been recently giving Aadhaar prompt for new user signups from India. However, the prompt was a mere test to confirm the identity of the person. Facebook has clarified the same with a blog post by explaining their actual intentions.

Online blogs and other news media have been cooking up a different story ever since this Facebook prompt. Many blogs came up with the idea that Facebook is asking Aadhaar number for gathering user details. However, this is nowhere near the truth.

Facebook Prompt

Facebook was asking the new users to use the name on their Aadhaar card and nothing else. They simply meant that this prompt might make the users fill the real name instead of nicknames. The new prompt read “Using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognize you“. This was replacing the old prompt “Using your real name makes it easier for friends to recognize you“.

Facebook Explains Aadhaar Card Prompt For New Users In India

In fact, this was a just a test that Facebook ran with a small number of users in India. Facebook wants to provide its users with a better signup experience and nothing more. This test had no integration or authentication with Aadhaar and it never asked the users to share Aadhaar number. They have wind the test up already and have no intentions to roll out this test in future.


Facebook might have learned something very interesting from this test. Even though Indian users want to share everything on Facebook, they don’t want to compromise Aadhaar data. This further shows how the Government failed to educate people regarding the Aadhaar system or its benefits. Still, people are agreeing to the mandatory Aadhaar linking only because they are bullied by the authority. The sudden panic created by the Facebook-Aadhaar news shows the mistrust in the security of Aadhaar system. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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