Competition is slowly but steadily responding to JioFiber recent tariff drop. Now Excitel Broadband one of the emerging internet service provider (ISP) has revamped its broadband offering and launched new Fiber broadband plans. The ISP is now offering high-speed Fiber broadband connection with up to 300Mbps speed to the user across 12 Indian cities at a price starting as low as Rs 499.

With an explosion of smart devices, rising Internet penetration and the advent of bandwidth-intensive graphical/video content and apps, ISPs and telcos will have to offer abundant usage at affordable prices to consumers to propel the growth of Broadband. All our plans are truly unlimited without any FUP or restriction of any kind on data usage, a feature which strangely no other ISP is providing and ideally everyone should”, commented Vivek Raina, Excitel co-founder and CEO.

Excitel Broadband Fiber unlimited plans

Excitel Broadband Fiber Unlimited Plans

Excitel Broadband Fiber plans starts at Rs 699 per months, which packs 100 Mbps data speed and unlimited usage. The 200 Mbps unlimited fiber broadband plan is priced at Rs 849 per months, while the 300 Mbps unlimited plan has a monthly rental of Rs 999.

The above fiber plans pricing seems to be pretty normal, but you could save a lot of money when subscribing to any three of those unlimited plans for a quarter (3-months), four-months, semi-annual (6-months), nine-months or annually (1-year). The 100Mbps unlimited fiber plan from the ISP gets as low as Rs 399 per month when subscribed for a full year. Similarly, the 300Mbps unlimited fiber broadband plan gets as low as Rs 499 per month when paying for a full one-year period.

The best part is that these unlimited fiber broadband plans come with truly unlimited data usage. So, there is no fair usage policy or FUP data limit or speed limit.

Prepaid Months100Mbps Unlimited plans200Mbps Unlimited plans300Mbps Unlimited plans
1 monthRs 699 per monthsRs 849 per monthsRs 999 per months
3 monthsRs 565 per monthsRs 638 per monthsRs 752 per months
4 monthsRs 508 per monthsRs 636 per months
6 monthsRs 490 per monthsRs 600 per months
9 monthsRs 424 per monthsRs 533 per months
12 monthsRs 399 per monthsRs 499 per months

The above fiber unlimited broadband plans are available in 12 Indian cities. This include Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Jhansi, Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Vijayawada, Rohtak, and Unnao. The new fiber broadband plans are already available to new and existing subscribers.

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