Electronic Arts (EA) during a press conference has announced that it is bringing its massively successful franchise “The Sims” to Facebook. “The Sims Social,” which will launch globally in 5 languages this summer, will allow you to create your Sim, build your dream home, forge friendships and romances and enjoy adventures with your Facebook friends.

Although the game will be free-to-play, you will have the option of paying for virtual goods, such as clothes for your Sim and items to decorate your home.

Jeff Karp, Executive Vice President of the EA Play Label, said that:

Just like you and me, The Sims is now on Facebook. EA invented people simulation games with The Sims. Over the last decade, The Sims has sold in excess of 140 million units and spawned an active fan community that has grown into the millions. These fans are all enthusiastic, passionate individuals living out their dreams, adventures and fantasies, and expressing their creativity.

As The Sims moves to Facebook, their personalities shine through more than ever. The game is alive, brimming with the humor, romance, mischief and creativity that only The Sims can provide.

So keep yourself up to date with news about “The Sims Social” ahead of its launch by Liking the game’s Facebook Page or following its Twitter account.

Source: EA Live Blog.

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