Now don’t get embarrass on your quick status update or post published on world’s largest social network, as Facebook has finally allowing its users to edit their post’s text after it has been published. The update first noticed by Techcrunch on the latest updated Facebook Android app and is also now available on Facebook web version. Android users can update their Facebook app to get this feature, but iOS users need to wait longer for the update which seems to be rolling out at the end of this week.

Earlier if you have published an accidental/mistake post on Facebook, you may need to delete it and republish the original, losing all likes and comments gathered by the post. The long requested post edit feature will surely make happy the 1.11 billion people on the social network.

Now Edit your Post after they have been Published on Facebook

To use the feature hover over down arrow in a post and click on the Edit… button to update the post text. But still you can’t edit the images or videos posted along with the post.

Around one year ago (on June 2012) Facebook rolled out the edit comments feature that let users in its network to edit the comment they have posted around. That was a big relief for the social network users and by this new update they are getting more control over what they are posting and posted on Facebook.

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