Do We Really Need All Latest Google Search Features?

In all fairness, you need to consider the vast universe of Google search users in order to determine the utility of features new or old.  Some users are bound to find any feature relevant and you should really think of these features in terms of a restaurant menu.  Like any top-class restaurant, Google is constantly innovating and refining these features all the time.  After all, you are not going to order everything on the menu in the course of a single meal or even several meals.  For instance, you may not even know that a currency conversion feature exists but if you are required to make a currency conversion, it is very convenient to type the data into the Chrome address bar and get an immediate result.

The first of the new Google search features is what they call Instant Search.  The feature displays suggested terms as the user types the search term and Google expects users to save between two seconds and five seconds on each search.  As Google is already so fast, this may not make much of a difference to many of us.  However, anything that speeds up the search is most welcome and it is encouraging to see Google’s commitment to improve the service that is already lightning quick.  Search engine experts expect this feature to have a pronounced impact in due course on both local and paid searches.

The second new feature is probably the most useful and attractive for the average Google Search user.  Google is bringing a voice search to your desktop or laptop computer.  If you have used voice search on your mobile phone, you will already be familiar with how useful it can be.  All you have to do is speak your search term to the Chrome browser (yes, the Chrome browser is essential) and the browser will do the rest.  You need to launch the browser and the microphone manually but, no doubt, you will soon be able to accomplish this also by voice.

Think of the utility of this feature if you are for instance cooking in your kitchen.  While preparing the pasta, you will be able to call up a lasagna recipe without washing your hands just by speaking to your browser.  This feature is not available everywhere just yet but, if you look to the right of the search box and see a small microphone icon, the feature is available to you.  All you have to do is to click on the icon and tell Chrome what you want.

The third of the interesting new features on Google search concerns the use of Google images.  The when the feature is fully enabled, you can drop an image into the image search box and Google will identify the location.  Of course, the location should be known to Google and an image taken in your bedroom may not work.  If you think about it a little, this feature can be most useful if you are looking to identify items such as antiques or treasures.  In due course, if you have a very old painting that is unsigned and unidentified, you may be able to create a provenance with the help of Google.

Although Google may have some unneeded features, there is one search that you can never be without.

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