One thing most of us hate about DTH services is the lock-in period for channels or bouquets. Once you subscribe to a channel, the DTH provider set a lock-in period (usually 30 days and sometimes up to 365 days) before you could unsubscribe it. So, you would be paying for that channel if you’re watching it or not.

As a relief, Dish TV and D2H has removed the mandatory lock-in period that the DTH provider placed on individual a-la-carte channels, channel packs, bouquets and BST/free-to-air (FTA) packs.

Dish TV and D2h DTH service providers

Do note that, the lock-in period is still applicable to certain add-on packs. It would be a 30 days lock-in period for add-on packs of Dish TV and D2H.

Dish TV and D2h Channel Lock-in Period

By placing the lock-in period for channels and channel packs, DTH providers aim to prevent its users from removing or modifying those channels or the whole channel pack before the stipulated time. Usually, during a cricket season or football season, users may add certain channels to their account. The sporting event would end in a week or two, but due to the 30 days lock-in period customer end up paying for the rest of the two weeks.

By today’s announcement, Dish TV and D2h is removing the 30-days lock-in period on a-la-carte channels, channel packs, bouquets and Basic Service Tier (BST) packs. This would allow you to add and remove a channel, channel pack, bouquets or BST as per their needs.

Dish TV and D2h still have lock-in period set for certain add-on packs. Like the Cricket English HD, Kids and Infotainment and most of the Best of Indian language add-on packs.

Back in 2019, Dish TV gave up the lock-in period for its channels and packs but re-introduced them back a few months later.

When looking into other DTH service providers, Airtel Digital TV and Sun Direct have a zero-day lock-in period. You could add, remove or modify a channel/channel pack the same day itself (any way you would be charged for one day). Tata Sky also removed the lock-in periods for channels and broadcaster packs last year. But they have a one-day lock-in period.

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