Telecom Operators in India today rolled out the short code allotted by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for re-verification of mobile subscribers with Aadhaar. As per the DoT directive in December 2017, all service providers must implement the short code 14546 starting January 2018. Telcos were asked to configure this short code with an IVRS system.

Features Of The Short Code 14546
  • This code belongs to Category-I: Service and is mandatory for all service providers in the country.
  • The code is unrestricted and will be made available in STD.
  • This code will be a non-metered service, ie toll-free.
Dial This Toll-Free Number To Re-Verify Your Mobile Number With Aadhaar

Starting today mobile subscribers can dial the toll-free number to perform the re-verification procedure. However, not all telecom service providers have made it live yet. We have confirmed that the re-verification is now working for Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone. But to make use of this feature, the subscriber needs a mobile number registered in Aadhaar aka ARMN(Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number). In case, if you don’t have an ARMN, you need to update it via Aadhaar enrollment center and then perform the verification.

How To Use IVRS Re-Verification of Mobile Number With Aadhaar
  1. Dial 14546 from your mobile number to be re-verified.
  2. Choose your prefered language from the IVRS menu.
  3. IVRS will ask you to enter the Aadhaar number to proceed.
  4. IVRS will now confirm some demographic details and ask you to authenticate.
  5. Now, enter the OTP received in your ARMN from UIDAI for authentication.
  6. You will also receive an SMS confirming the re-verification of SIM.

Even though, Digital India’s twitter handle says that you can also generate OTP from service providers website. No operators have come up with this method and even many haven’t enabled the shortcode in their system. Subscribers are also reporting that they can’t utilize this facility while roaming. The IVRS system says you need to be in home circle for performing the re-verification. We can expect the service providers to fix these issues and make re-verification procedure more easier.


Two months back, the DOT suggested three new methods for verification of mobile number with Aadhaar. However, they found the SMS only based method insecure and came forward with the modified IVRS system. These new methods were to help the old, disabled and those with no spare time. You can always visit the providers outlet if you face any issues with the IVRS re-verification system. The current deadline for re-verification of mobile and other services is March 31st, 2018. Hope this article was informative, Peace!

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