Indian music lovers there is something to get cheer for, Indian music streaming service Dhingana ( has partnered with India’s third largest telecom operator Idea Cellular to offer co-branded music subscription service, which allows Idea’s Prepaid and Postpaid customers to download unlimited music with no data charges.

Idea’s subscribers can now enjoy downloading and streaming of unlimited Indian songs, albums and playlists ranging from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, and hundreds more in HD quality and ad-free. But there is a catch subscribers need to a have an Android device for this subscription, as the downloads are encrypted on the device and subscribers can listen to them only using Dhingana’s Android App (Google Play). If you still don’t have an Android device, you will be able to stream music ad-free without being charged for data on you WAP browser.

Dhingana tie up with Idea Cellular to offer Unlimited Music Downloads without Data Charges

For this partnership and subscription model to work, Dhingana has developed a carrier-class billing platform which is capable of deeply integrating with Mobile Operator’s SDP/ Billing Systems and has cutting edge features like metering data consumptions across multiple PLMNs, real-time co-branding with Mobile Operators, automatic fall-back pricing based on subscriber’s prepaid account and 1-click subscription with auto-renewals.

Earlier Dhingana offered Dhingana Gold for iOS devices which provided unlimited downloading of songs in HD quality and ad-free on a monthly subscription of $1.99 (Rs 120). Currently Dhingana has not fully revealed the subscription pricing for the service but it seems to be in par with Dhingana iOS offering with around Rs 100 per month.

Would you subscribe to the unlimited music service by Dhingana and Idea Cellular? let us know.

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