Adding a desi flavour to your chats the Indian company Chumbak, the makers of quirky Indian souvenirs has launched Chumbak stickers on Facebook Messenger. Chumbak stickers are available for free on both web and mobile version of Facebook Messenger.

The Chumbak Expressions pack is a set of stickers that is localised with Indian content, using Indian day to day lingo. For example you can choose to send a sticker that say’s “Oye” when a “Hello” would do. or send stickers with funny faces saying ‘Heppy Budday’, ‘Wanna Fraanship’, ‘Fully fed up’ and soon.


Now chatting with your friends on Facebook is even more fun with our brand new sticker pack. Starting today, you can…

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So thinking what Chumbak means? here is the answer from the owners itself “When we dug deeper, we found out that Chumbak is broken into 2 words: Chumma and Bak ! We all know what Chumma Means. Bak means Stones. So Kissing + Stones = Magnets. How epic is that?

To add Chumbak stickers to your Messenger, click on the ‘Sticker Store‘ icon under your existing chat stickers . Browse for Chumbak’s Expression pack and just click on the ‘Free’ button to add that to your Messenger. It will get automatically available on both web and mobile version of Facebook Messenger.

Earlier Hungama published sticker on Facebook along with the release of Krrish 3 which features Hrithik Roshan in the Indian superhero avatar.

This stickers just takes back us to the old fun days we had in Orkut is it?

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