You might have read that the Jio free offer which has been around for the past one year by different names is going to end by March 31st, and the subscription for Jio Prime membership has already started. So have you decided to keep your Jio number or ditch it?

Many users including me have grabbed more than one Jio SIM when everything was for free. Now it’s high time to get rid of those extra SIMs, keep one or none. So here is how to ditch or cancel or suspend or deactivate your Jio Number.

Jio users fall into two categories, prepaid and postpaid. Since you don’t even know your Jio number you might’ve already forgotten which category you are, and it’s a funny fact. First things first, read on to find your category.

How to find whether your Jio number is prepaid or postpaid?

  1. Download and Install My Jio App from Google Play store, don’t say you already have it, lol.
  2. Open My Jio App and tap on My Jio icon.
  3. Tap sign in with the sim or wait for autologin or use your pre-created credentials.
  4. Swipe from left to open menu and tap on My plans.
  5. Your Jio number category is under the plan details tab (Prepaid Recharge or Postpaid).
  6. You can also see the status of your Prime membership in the next tab.
  7. You can also visit website, and scroll down my plans to view the details.

Now that you’ve found your number type, let’s move on to the steps to deactivate or suspend the number.

How to Deactivate Your Jio Prepaid or Postpaid Numbers

Steps to deactivate Jio Prepaid number

  1. Literally, you’ve to do nothing, just stop using the number.
  2. After 90 days it gets deactivated as per TRAI’s directions.
  3. You can also contact 198, or visit Jio care for early deactivation.

Steps to deactivate  Jio Postpaid number

  1. Contact 198 or visit Jio care, and request deactivation.
  2. Provide a valid reason and the request will be processed.

Steps to suspend & resume Jio number

  1. Visit official website
  2. Login with your credentials to see your account details.
  3. Click on the blue gear icon, to view a settings page.
  4. Now select Suspend & Resume, select a valid reason from drop down(SIM damaged, SIM/Device lost).
  5. Click Suspend, you’ll receive an SMS confirming the suspension of Jio account.

We recommend you to visit Jio care for smoother deactivation process. So, that’s all for deactivating your Jio numbers. Let us know whether you’re subscribing to Jio prime membership and keeping your Jio number or not in the comments below.

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