Counter Strike Android Game

Its here, the world’s famous and most played online multiplayer game Counter Strike now available for Android. Its not exactly the ported version of counter strike for the pc, this mobile version of Counter Strike 1.6 powered by Unity 3D developed by russian 4pda community.It uses all major part of the assets, icons, maps and players from the orginal Counter Strike pc game. More than thousand players online, so you can play with real people from around the world, just like playing through pc. Also the developers have a web version of the famous game that can be played right from your browser.

If you are worried about does it supports you Android device, then rejoice developers have made a working version for everyone. Counter Strike 5o version works on Android 2.0+ (but not ICS), ARMv6+, GL 1.0+ and Counter Strike 6p version works on Android 2.3+, ARMv7, GL 1.0+. Also there is a new version available 7y, which has improved graphics and works on all latest smartphones.

If you cant resist anymore, then head over to Xda developer forum to download the correct version for your droid device and start playing. Its currently not available on android market, so don’t try searching for it there. We tried it on our Samsung SII, its really fast, works brilliantly well. There is lots of popular maps, which have been retained from PC version of counter strike to the mobile version. It has also a great feature in it, you can host your own game through it and play with your friends. Its just lots of fun, you will be extensively addicted to this game.

Already downloaded, let us know your review on this game.

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