Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the launch and availability of the Rs 2.5Lakh Ultimate Dream PC, targeted at gamers at the pinnacle of their profession striving for a competitive edge where gaming tournament decisions and response times are measured in nano-seconds and heroes can be reduced to zeroes in a blink of an eye.

Corsair and partners have selected the best PC gaming and digital entertainment components available in India to create a masterpiece of hardware, enabling Ultimate Dream PC pilots, split second sensory advantages such as detection of enemy footsteps and reduced game lag resulting in offensive maneuver advantages. The Ultimate Dream PC is a thoroughbred Gaming machine and also features the very latest in digital entertainment technologies including Blu-ray DVD, 3D LCD monitor, and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for a truly immersive entertainment experience.

The Dream PC is available in three flavors, targeting different segments of the India PC gaming/entertainment ecosystem.

Ultimate Dream PC – If the old saying “A gamer is only as good as his hardware” is accurate then it’s safe to say an Ultimate Dream PC pilot has reached the pinnacle in gaming. The Ultimate Dream PC represents the absolute state of the art in high performance computing and when the gaming is wrapped up a complete suite of cutting edge entertainment is waiting to be unleashed. Entertainment features include Blu-ray DVD, Samsung 3D LCD 22 inch monitor, NVidia 3D glasses with 5.1 Dolby surround sound provided by Corsair HS1 headset and M-Audio speaker set. Corsair’s 800D cabinet houses the hardware driving the Ultimate Dream PC that reads like the who’s who of the hardware industry.

Intel’s latest 3.4GHz Sandy Bridge CPU and three powerful NVidia SLI graphics cards from Zotac provide stunning processing horsepower. Storage includes Corsair’s 120GB SSD enabling lightening fast start up and game load times while main storage is WD’s massive 1 terabyte hard drive. Corsair’s Dominator GT 12GB, 2000MHz kit of memory, 1200W AX power supply, H70 CPU water cooler, Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard, Razer and Logitech peripherals round out the package. MRP: Rs 2.5L

Gamer Dream PC – A powerful gaming package by anyone’s standards, the Gamer Dream PC offers best of class technologies with serious gaming in mind. Corsair’s 600T cabinet houses Intel’s latest 3.1GHz Sandy Bridge CPU with two powerful NVidia SLI graphics cards from Zotac providing the processing horsepower. Corsair’s 60GB force SSD and WD’s 500GB HDD provide a perfect balance of fast system boot/load speed and large capacity storage. Corsair’s Vengeance 8GB, 1600MHz kit of memory, 600W GS power supply, A70 CPU air cooler, Asus motherboard, Razer and Logitech peripherals round out the package. MRP: Rs 99,000.

Custom Dream PC – Enables PC enthusiasts to mix and match gaming components to individualize their PC building experience and come up with the system that perfectly fits their computing needs and personal style.


Ultimate Dream PC and Gamer Dream PC are backed by Corsair’s 3 year Dream Service warranty. The Dream Service encompasses a dedicated Dream PC support 1-800 line as well as on-site support at Corsair’s 23 service centers nationwide.

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