Their has been a long list of complaints received by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) from corporate subscribers, that their Mobile Number Portability (MNP) request have been rejected by the operators on the grounds of “Contractual Obligation“. According to a new regulation released by TRAI corporate subscribers can now port out of their existing operator to a new operator without much trouble.

The new guideline allow up to 50 corporate mobile numbers at a time from a telecom operator to be ported out through MNP to another operator through letter of authorization from the authorized signatory of the corporate mobile numbers in a single porting request.

Corporate Mobile Numbers can Port Out using MNP with 50 numbers at a time - TRAI

In-addition due to the activities involved in corporate mobile numbers and large number of mobiles to be processed in a single porting request, 48 hours have been allowed for forwarding the porting request by the recipient operator. Normally for regular MNP request 24 hours was allowed for forwarding the porting request by the recipient operator. This new guidelines from telecom operators will come into effect within 90 days from July 22nd, 2013.

After the introduction of Mobile Number Portability during January 2011, we are seeing a rise in the porting request every month. With recent TRAI telecom subscription report April 2013, a total of 91.73 million subscribers opting for MNP at the end of April 2013 to move to another telecom operator.

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