Bush Hid The Facts

Actually this was a bug present in Windows till Win XP . It is not present in Windows Vista or 7 . So you need an XP machine to try this trick.

  • Open notepad, and type – Bush hid the facts.
  • Save it and close it, reopen the file to see the magic.
  • If you have Chinese fonts installed then you will see some Chinese (when translated gives “Bi Benrenmotian Touyingjianmeng”) or else some columns.

Read more about the bug


Can you guess what this is ?, This was actually the number of the first flight that hit the WTC in 9/11. There is a secret hidden in this number and to reveal it.

  • Open notepad or wordpad type Q33NY.
  • Select the text and change the font to Wingdings and increase the font size.
  • Don’t freak out at the result.
  • An airplane, two pieces of paper (WTC), a skull and crossbones, and a star of David(not shown here).


Read more about Wingdings font , Q33NY and Koran verse 9:11

Notepad As A Log Book

Use your notepad as a log book or diary for this

  • Open notepad and type .LOG in caps.
  • Save the file and reopen to see the current time and date, you can enter your activities below it and hit ctrl+s and close it.

Hide Text Trick

An amazing trick to hide text, especially to hide a secret from another guy using the same PC. For this

  • Open command prompt – Hit WinKey+R , type cmd and hit enter to launch one.
  • Change your directory to desired one using cd. For example to change to “F:\”  drive type – cd F: .
  • Type at the cmd prompt – notepad file1.txt:hidden , (here file1.txt is the file name), hit enter.
  • A notepad opens up,click yes. Type the secret message, save it close it.
  • Now open the file using windows explorer, the text will not be visible.
  • Type some misleading text here and save it, the other guy will see this text when he opens file1.
  • Now to view the previous secret message type at the cmd prompt – notepad file1.txt:hidden, in the same directory.

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